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Firefly Bird Flight Diverter
Firefly Bird Flight Diverter
Firefly Bird Flight Diverter
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  • Protects birds from collisions with overhead power lines and communications towers
  • Uses reflected sunlight and glow in the dark luminescence for 24 hour protection
  • Spinning design increases effectiveness.
  • Prevents birds roosting within a 12 metre radius
  • Easy clip-on installation
  • Long lasting stainless steel construction
  • Use 1 Firefly every 10 metres


Firefly is a clearly visible "scarecrow" that diverts the birds, preventing them from colliding with overhead lines etc.

Wind: (3+mph/5 kmh) The rotational speed of the Firefly increases effectiveness.

Sun: The reflective properties of the Firefly require maximum sunlight for day and night time effectiveness.

A UV Index of 3 or greater is best. During periods of heavy cloud cover or when the UV Index drops to 1 or less, some birds will challenge the diverters.

The Firefly produces an initial light emission of 6 lumens per cubic meter which reduces to 1 lumen per cubic meter 1-2 hours after sunset.

Tests have shown that when the sun emerges the birds typically land for 2.5 minutes before emitting an alarm call or flushing from the roost area.


Flight Path: The Firefly, installed 12 metres apart at bird’s eye level or above on power lines, etc will effectively haze all birds within a 12 metres radius.

This ‘open- sky’ configuration directly affects avian vision. Accordingly, the success of the Firefly is dependent upon a similar configuration owing to typical architectural/environmental distractions.

Observe flight pattern of birds and install multiple Firefly(s) directly in flight path and at primary roosting areas.

Firefly Colors: The Firefly alternates colors which are at the peak wavelength of light emission which is fluorescent yellow and florescent orange. By rotating theses peak colors, the birds contrast the Firefly to background colors such as green trees and blue sky.

The glow material absorbs ultraviolet light and allows the birds to see into the ultra -violet range. This ultra-violet color concentrates in the glow material and scares the birds roosting within a 12 metres radius.

The Firefly product refracts natural sunlight similar to the sunlight refracting from the bird’s own feathers. This makes the product a manmade feather in reality.

Firefly Incorporates Tetra chromatic Avian Vision Properties found in Bird Feathers. Humans utilize only Tri -chromatic Vision – Red, Green, and Blue colors. Birds utilize Tetra (4) chromatic Vision – Red, Green, Blue, and Ultra Violet. Ultra-violet color is invisible to the human naked eye, but visible to birds which have UV rods and cones within their retinas. Humans have no such uv rods and cones.

VD349 Firefly Bird Flight Diverter£87.80Each ex.VAT
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